“I have so much new information to bring back to my city!”

“Very engaging speaker. All of the information about where to find grants was very helpful.”

“I enjoyed not only the learning experience and the instructor’s intelligence, but the comfy chairs and delicious food!”

“I appreciated Jack’s insights regarding content, mechanics, funding sources, and formatting.  While I’ve been in this business a number of years and can identify with a lot of what was presented, I also learned much new material.”

“Jack Smith was a great presenter, and made the subject interesting so it kept my attention.”

“As a beginner, the thought of writing a grant is intimidating, but Jack broke down each stage in small steps which gave me more confidence.”

“I enjoyed the presenter and the knowledge he possessed on writing successful grants.  He gave pointers on how to develop general abstracts and bios for key players that can be utilized with various opportunities.”

“The instructor was fantastic. His enthusiasm helped to keep me focused on what  can be a rather dull subject.”

“I have applied for many grants for our tiny town, and its people, and been awarded zero. I knew I was ill-equipped but didn’t know where to turn. I attended the Grant Workshop in San Antonio with a spark of hope, but never would have dreamed I would learn as much as I did!!!”